Miss Mojo, Where ya been?

I am ready for summer, cant ya tell?

I really love this bracelet design, and keep making it because.I.Love.It.

Making all the things that I like.... that was some awesome advice I got recently.
Thank you Heather Powers.

 Just look at those soft colors. This piece practically built itself.

I did one of these a while back with a dragonfly.
I quite like this version!! oh yea. A LOT!

These can all be found HERE.


  1. I love the piece with the soft colors the very best.

  2. Beautiful! I totally agree with Heather Powers - make what you love. :)

  3. Love the tin pieces! I am wanting to get into tin. I have some tins, the cutters, the dappler and the hole punch...now to get started...any words of wisdom?

    1. Thank you Veralynne! Good luck with working with tin! my advice, always wear gloves! I have cut myself several times on tin and it's no fun. I have a few tutorials (with video step by steps) here http://lorelei1141.blogspot.com/p/asymmetry-made-easy-ebook.html
      Check em out!

  4. Love the one with the muted palette!


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