Tea Tins

To you, this may look like just a normal tin for an especially tasty tea. But when I saw this tin at the grocery store, I thought JEWELRY.  I love the blue and black accents against the taupe matte background and had every intention of cutting this one up. I had 3 tea bags left, that I hastily tossed inside the cupboard and began the journey yesterday afternoon to create a series or set of jewelry with it.

Using the lid, I made earrings first. These little golden brass bees seemed like the perfect accompaniment to the brass discs, and also because I'm out of the oxidized brass wires and have the gold ones in stock. But I like how the bees look, when perched on top of the patterned tin.

The bracelet took the most time, cutting the discs, and riveting them together with some discs of plain floral patterned brass sheet. But mostly because I'm out of my brass spacers, and had to dig through drawers to find more of them to use for each connector. 

Here is the backside:

And then finally the necklace, which is patterned tin discs - with the patterning on both sides, riveted together with Vintaj Brass rivets. I pulled in some faceted glass beads in a matching blue.

 I could see these pieces becoming true heirlooms!

They are available here.


  1. Love this! What did you use to cut out the tea tin discs?

  2. Me gusta mucho el collar azul, es fantástico :)


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