Another New Hobby

Sewing seems like the perfect hobby for the Summer months, Am I right?? I feel like I will definitely gravitate towards that over sitting in my hot non-air conditioned studio making jewelry or knitting with wool yarns.

My super awesome husband gifted me the Singer Heavy Duty for my birthday this month.

Yesterday, I broke a needle. So, it's not as heavy duty as it claims to be! HA!  But in it's defense, I did try to sew over a straight pin.

I have jumped right in head first as I tend to do with a new craft. Why not do a zippered project for my first sewing project. Hey? why the hell not.

Project bag number one. Owls cotton fabric with linen bottom and linen liner. I used a great YouTube video tutorial from  Nicole of Hue Loco.

These are kind of small one skein project bags. This is bag #2 with some sweet Cloud9 Bird fabric and green coordinating fabrics. 

I wanted to do a larger version so bag #3 is bigger, big enough for a shawl project, 3-4 skeins will fit! I used a gorgeous Batik fabric with Linen bottom.  Love this one!

This purse seemed totally up my alley! This is the Astrid Crossbody bag in Lotta Jansdotter's Everyday Style book I bought recently. So I went to Joann's and bought supplies to make this one yesterday. It took a few hours to finish and I am pretty happy with the end result!  I couldn't find a graphic patterned medium weight cotton that I really liked so I ended up going for my favorite color. This moss green color and chose this funky patterned Cloud9 fabric for the lining.

It required a 47" leather strap. I couldn't find something locally but I did have some leather scraps in stash. So I cut 2 and riveted them at the top to create a long enough strap.  Photo below.

This was my first introduction to darts. I like how easy these were to do, and it really creates a nice effect!

 Riveted the strap to the side of the bag.


What to make next..... hmmmm!?