Sewing might be the PERFECT summer craft

I am becoming braver in my sewing! I recently picked up a copy of Haute Handbags by Stampington, and fell in love with 2 small details of one of the projects in the bag. 1. That lobster clasp hanging on the outside of the bag. And 2. The adjustable strap. 

 So I headed over to Joann's and $35 later, because I can't seem to go in that store without spending over $30 at a time, came out with 3 different color straps, some hardware for the adjustable strap, a lobster clasp  and some extra sewing machine needles, (just in case).

The overall design of the bag was my own, no pattern needed. I picked out a few exterior fabrics, 2 Home decor heavy weight cottons, and picked out an interior lining color. Which is just a quilting cotton, navy and white cross hatch pattern.

I am not sure why i made the bag so long, I think I was thinking in my head that I would box up the bottom and I wanted to have enough fabric to do so, but then when I did the boxed bottom,  it didn't require as much fabric as I initially thought. So it's a bit longer. To combat that, i made the lining fabric interior, shorter by about 2-3 inches. So in order to dig for your wallet, it's within arms reach- you don't have to reach too far to get at it. 

One challenge was the woven strap- unraveling. I was wishing I had some electrical tape but not sure if that's a good way to finish off ends.... I added some super glue to the edges of the strap and am wondering how it will hold up.

Overall, I am impressed that with the little knowledge that I have so far in bag making, I was able to figure out how to construct the bag with the lining and I couldn't be more pleased with the finished result.

Have you dug out your sewing machine yet??


  1. Fabulous! And yes I have my machine out and sewing station set up. I have a stack of fabric ready to cut for a quilt. Now for finding the time.

  2. How about using some Fray Stop stuff? That might work. Also putting it between the outside and liner of the bag to protect it.

  3. You could zig zag stitch the ends. Electrical tape would not be a good choice - looks bad and gets incredibly gooey over time. Also the best and most secure way is like Shibui mentioned above, before sewing the liner and bag together, slide the strap ends in. Love the fabric!

  4. Cute, cute, cute!! You are making me want to brave trying to sew again.


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