Zippered Bags

I sat down yesterday morning to sew a few more zippered bags, using some vintage table linens. You may notice this pink  style was one I just bought recently and showed on the blog a few posts ago. I really love how they all turned out! I am getting much better at sewing the zippers in. I have better luck using my regular presser foot v.s. the zipper foot.

These could be used as knitting project bags, OR you could use them as a travel bag, for toiletries, make up, lingerie, and the larger ones you could use to carry a nice pair of shoes or put whatever you want in them. I believe everyone can utilize a zippered bag in some way.

These have all been listed in my webstore, 

I am going to be testing out my mom's sewing machine this week. I drove down to pick it up this past weekend because she was having some issues with the needles breaking when she was switching the machine to do different stitches. I took it back to Joann's and of course it didn't act up at all while the lady was sewing with it.  I bought her the Singer Simple model in teal green. I am anxious to see how it compares to my Singer Heavy Duty.  Hers has a lot of fancier stitch styles to choose from, than mine does. So I'll be having fun playing around with that. Who knows, I may have a hard time giving it back to her!



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