A Tablet Case

 Yesterday I braved the elements and put together this tablet case, loosely after Anna Graham's Tablet case pattern in her book, Handmade Style.

I chose this woven fabric that I used for that long crossbody tote that I made a week ago or two. I really struggle with the bias tape binding. So instead of using it around the whole edge of the bag, I only decided to use it on the pockets. So the construction of the bag happened much like the other project bags I was making where you assemble inside out and then flip it right side out through a hole in the lining.

I styled it with my kindle but it could also be great just as a clutch style purse.

I am happy with the outcome! I like the large pocket on the back, which I used a magnetic snap to close. Turned out great!

I lined the bag with some cotton quilting fabric.

This is available for sale in my webstore!


  1. As far as bias tape goes, I find it much easier to to lay one of the folded edges flat and stitch in the ironed crease then turn it up over the the raw edge of the pocket. The front will have a smooth edge that allows you to stitch very close to the edge if you like. You can even hand stitch the bias tape on the inside of the pocket. If used straight out of the package, bias tape is a smidgen wider on one of the widths, always use that on the underside of the pocket as it will allow your stitch to always catch the edge underneath. Otherwise, I think it looks very nice. The zipper is the hard part! LOL

  2. I love pieces with pretty, well-chosen lining. Makes me feel the designer cared throughout the entire process. Great job!!!


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