Jewelry Travel Rolls

I have struggled for years with travelling and not having an adequate storage solution for taking jewelry with me on a trip.  I normally would throw a few pieces into a zippered pouch but once there would be spending time untangling them all in order to wear any of it!

Since I have started sewing, I have tried a few different jewelry roll storage patterns but have not been happy. Either they are too small,  especially for my larger statement necklaces, or they require extra fiddly bits such as bias tape, which I have yet to master.

So I sat down and scoured Pinterest for jewelry rolls and noted each of the elements of certain storage solutions that I really liked. 
Like loops to attach necklaces to, that will allow the neckalces to hang straight down, keep each one separate from another.
 Pockets that the necklace can fit down into to protect the focal.  A place for earrings. And a zippered pouch that would hold rings, bangles or whatever else you had to bring on a trip.  A flap that kind comes down over the necklaces to protect them during the rolling process.

 And elastic loops instead of a ribbon to tie around the roll.  My jewelry roll came out pretty great. This owl roll is the prototype of my pattern. I created it bigger, 14 inches tall by about 20 inches long. But once it's rolled up, it's quite a manageable size.

While shopping for some supplies at Joann's I eyed a spool of this leather type material with holes and thought that might make a great earring solution especially with the wholes- that could accommodate stud style earrings.  I feared that they would poke through the fabric but have since discovered that if you attach the earring up through the hole, back to front , as the fabric rolls up over the earrings, it will protect the each posts, preventing any posts to poke through!!!
In this first roll, I attached that leather to the fabric but hand-sewing it with needle and thread and different intervals. Kinda tedious, I must admit. The pockets, below the earring bar, help protect longer dangly earring styles.

Here is the second Roll.

 Had been smart enough to jot down my fabric dimensions during the first try, but for some reason I guess I measured wrong because this one came out 18 inches long, instead of 20". Woops.

 Style and techniques all the same. I made sure to make the twill tape loops a little bit longer, for easier attachment with chunkier beaded pieces.

 I used an antique brass zipper instead of the first,  which was nylon.  The elastic loops- I actually forgot to attach and realized it after I had assembled and sewed up the whole thing. WOOPS. So I had to finagle them on and it worked out for the best.

 To combat the fiddly sewing of the earring leather, I chose this time to rivet it onto the fabric with Tierra Cast snap rivets. Worked out beautifully!! I love the finished look of this much better than the thread.

The zippered pouch is nice and roomy, even for bangles!  The best part of the roll is that once it's rolled up, nothing moves around inside, everything stays in one spot and nothing gets tangled during travel!

I hope to get a few more of these made up, but this colorful floral roll is available on my website now. I am hoping to have a few made to take with me to the Sharon Springs Harvest Festival that I will be participating at, in September in Sharon Springs, NY.


  1. I too have not yet been able to find a jewelry roll to hold my jewelry well, for the same reasons. The majority of my pieces are chunky/big, so anything I have seen holds one necklace at most! Great idea to construct one that has all of the aspects you need. I especially like the leather trim. It is really great looking and works beautifully for earrings.

  2. This bag is great! When I travel my jewelry always gets all twisted up. This has a place for everything.


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