I created another jewelry roll yesterday as I was waiting for the Bat guy to show up at my house, AGAIN. Every August it seems we have bats that get into our house. This time, it's in the vent, and now currently it's trapped inside my furnace. Not cool. He's coming back this morning to get it out of there, hopefully.

I love how this roll turned out. I used some heavy duty thicker home decor fabric from Joann's and paired with these mustard color and Black and white cotton fabrics from Cotton & Steele. I loved the salvage edge, and decided to keep it visible along one edge. It reads Measure Twice Cut Once, and shows a little black cat, and fox.

I included an antiqued brass zipper in a brown color that can hold lots of different things, bangles, or rings. The leather earring trim is a metallic gold color and I used Tierra Cast snap rivets to attach it to the fabric.

 Pockets below the earring trim allow longer earrings to be protected.

 Twill tape along the top is what bracelets and necklaces are attached to, and large pockets below protect longer pieces.

 Once rolled, it's secured in place with elastic loops on the top and bottom.

The color palette of this one is my favorite of the ones I've made so far! This one is available in my webstore.


  1. I love the little selvege edge! How cute! Your jewelry rolls definitely are an improvement to the ready-made ones in the stores.

  2. The gold earring trim is phenomenal! These NEED to be sold at Anthro!!!!!


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