Craft Show Recap

As I mentioned previously, I had a crafts festival this past weekend in Sharon Springs. this is the 5th (?) time I have done this festival. The past few years, they have designated a street where Etsy sellers set up their tents, and it's a juried location. The show in general is not juried, but to get into the Etsy village, you have to apply. The traffic I have found, is legitimately better in this area, than in other parts of the show. So  I was pleased to get a spot. 

We were one of the first people there. There was a bit of confusion in the beginning because the vendors spots weren't mapped out ahead of time and the volunteer that arrived early to help set up, wasn't told to do this so we had to kind of wing it. I luckily convinced my husband to help me get the tent set up so we did that first and had to adjust it 2-3 spots to the left and right before we finally settled in after they figured out the numbered spots.

Set up went relatively easy. The weather for Saturday was perfect, sunny and warm and beautiful and even a little breezy but not too gusty.  Sunday was calling for 50% chance of rain showers so I was pretty disappointed to wake up to rain on Sunday but after I drove the hour to Sharon Springs, it had stopped raining and there was actually no rain all day Sunday. LUCKY!!

My tent was a bit dark due to the decision for a little extra rain protection - the big green tarp over the tent kept everything bone dry saturday night - VERY PLEASED with that. and I was pleased to have remembered to keep my table coverings up off the ground and nothing got wet. We were located on a street, and so the rain the night before does tend to seep in under the tent walls....

I got lots of great compliments all weekend, not only on my jewelry but also on my sewn bags, (sold a few project bags too!) and my knitting- the Camp Wilkerson shawl I was working on while at the show, and my Campside Shawl (on the bag of my chain there)  It is always kind of a renewing of faith when I do this shawl - the compliments keep me motivated to keep doing what I'm doing and the interaction with customers that I have seen year after year is so fun. A few ladies even showed up in my booth actually wearing jewelry they had bought the previous year!!

The jewelry rolls weren't the hit that I figured they'd be. People were more into looking at the jewelry inside the display model and people looked and loved the fabrics but no one really inquired about them at all.  I may take the few that I have made down to the museum gift shop where they carry some of my jewelry.

All in all- success.  I found it interesting that a lot of older stock is what sold at the show with exception of a few newer pieces but a lot of the stock that I had been making the last few weeks was left over after the show. SO, I have listed all of this jewelry in my online stores, be sure to check out both shops, Lorelei Eurto Jewelry on ETSY and Lorelei Eurto Jewelry webstore.


  1. Lovely as always Lorelei..and it was so pretty and peaceful there!

  2. Your display and wide selection to choose from is impressive. I think having things besides jewelry is an asset. Unfortunately, there is always a lot of jewelry at shows. I sell handmade cards also.

  3. Love your setup. So much variety and so engaging to look at. Glad you had a good show. I read their book some time ago and hope to at least visit Sharon Springs sometime.


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