Fun with Copper Tubing

Well, this is embarrassing.

Yes I do realize it has been a while since I last blogged. I am sorry about this. I don't know why the blog is the first thing to get neglected when I get busy. You'd think it would be a nice outlet to share what I've been doing at a time that I have a lot of content but.....  it doesn't ever happen that way.

Instead, I forget about it and the blog languishes and now I probably don't have any followers left. Because what fun is it to follow a blogger that never blogs??

Today, I'm back. and I'm going to share with you some things I've been working on. I am getting ready for the annual Sharon Springs Harvest festival, happening this weekend Sept. 17-18 in Sharon Springs NY. I will be located in ETSY village, with all the other ETSY vendors, and am hoping to God it doesn't thunderstorm on Sunday like the forecast is saying. :/

Been trying to build up my stock for this show.... in between only want to knit on stuff or sew things.

But this week, I had a lot of fun with some copper riveting tube/wire that my friend Amy sent to me a while back in a big box of jewelry supplies she no longer wanted. I don't normally rivet with tubing, If I am to rivet, I usually use the little pre-made snap rivets from Tierra cast.

I cut the wire with my tin snips, and then re-rounded the end that gets smushed during the cutting. Then I used these bracelet making pliers to curve the tubing into a  bangle or bracelet shape.

These are the first batch I made. I like the versatility of this, because you can string wire or beading wire through the tube to attach the focal/clasp.  And then in a few of the others, I cut the tubing into smaller sections and now they act almost as beads where I strung them on beading wire with a few other focals/ beads. 

Then I did a few more and now the tubing is gone and I am sad. Til I can order more!!
The ones with the buttons as focals, turned out really well. I just used some copper wire I have on hand. The diameter of these is about 3.5 inches by 3 inches. I am hoping they'll be large enough for smaller handed individuals. Because, I have man hands. and These don't fit over my hands. 

I tend to like the ones like this ADMIT ONE bracelet, where I formed a hook clasp into one side of the wire, that hooks into one of the links on the bracelet focal allowing it to open up and fit over my wrist instead of acting like a slip on bangle.

If you're in the NY area, take a ride to Sharon Springs this weekend and stop in to say HI! I would love to see you. It's worth the trip. The show is really fantastic, over 250 vendors set up in the streets of this little sleepy town and you can even stop by the Beekman b.1802 shop and meet those famous Beekman boys!


  1. It's always nice seeing what you're up to Lorelei..lovely bracelets!
    Best of Luck and blessings for your Show/Sale this weekend!
    Sounds like so much fun!

  2. I completely understand not having time to blog (do I ever)! But when you do I always enjoy seeing/reading about your latest creative adventure. It is inspiration for the soul! Since buying a new home I haven't had time to set up my studio, so following others creativity keeps me inspired. :) Love the tube bracelets you created; genius idea! Very whimsical. I bought some round, square and rectangle tubing from Old Forge Hardware (love that store) a few years ago and cut them into small pieces to string onto wire for contemporary designs.

    Good luck this weekend! Sending good weather wishes your way.

  3. Lorelei, Your gift to the Universe is combinations/pairings/coordination/balance. I love the way you put things together. A perfect example-among thousands-is the house/green round beads/dangles above. The different color metals, the beads are just wonderful. Your work is a great inspiration to me-and not in a copy-cat way. Best to you at the show and the weather!

  4. PS. I DO miss your blog!

  5. Not blogging often enough - Guilty, and worse still not leaving comments - Guilty guilty.
    Great minimalist collection and sending lotsa buyers your way.

  6. Those are so cute! I really need to dig out the piping I picked up a few years ago and play with it.

  7. great post Lorelei, you are always super innovative - what lovely bracelets! all the best for the show


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