Coming Monday 11/14

I have literally been glued to my computer for the last two days, creating, filming, editing, and writing a new ebook for you!!  I am ALWAYS asked to do tutorials on how to finish the ends of cord, leather, ribbon- you name it.  Sometimes a book with just photos and written instructions is not enough. I am that person- I need video. I need to see it being done before I can really wrap my head around it.

So I asked for some feedback on Facebook and decided, to just do it. Just sit down and film and do it. So I did.  Most of it, I admit is unscripted, but I have been making these types of things now for 10 years. Yep. I am shocked at that number myself. How can I have been making jewelry for 10 years? It cannot be possible, it feels like I just started yesterday!

Once I decided what to do the ebook on, then I had to narrow it down because let's face it. There has to be hundreds of different ways to finish the ends of fiber. Just think about all the different KINDS of fiber there is!

So I picked FOUR of my FAVORITES..... flat leather, linen cord, ribbon, and round leather cord.

And then I narrowed it down again because think about all of the different ways of finishing fiber ends, there has to be a gazillion. So I picked FOUR that I tend to gravitate towards whenever I'm making my own jewelry.

It became pretty evident early on, that this was going to take some serious brain power and TIME, and lots of patience. There are many steps in writing an ebook.  I filmed all the videos and edited each one in iMovie.  And then on day 2, (and yes, it took me only 2 days because when I get something in my head I have to get it out or I can't sleep, eat, or knit and that's a damn travesty. PLUS+ I have been thinking about doing this sort of thing for a loooong time and it flowed out of me pretty willy nilly.
 I wrote the whole 21 page ebook- and and voila. It'll be ready to purchase on my website on Monday November 14.

Here's a tidbit of what to expect:

  I have put together a small collection of tutorials on finishing the ends of 4 different types of materials: round leather cord, waxed linen cording, flat leather lace, and silk ribbon. Each time of material will include 3 different ways to finish the ends, to accommodate a clasp or other materials or components.  I am including written instructions for each tutorial, but will ALSO provide a link to coordinating video tutorial.

All videos are available at (you do not need an account to view them!) and each one is password protected. After you find the password in this PDF, you’ll be able to click the link and be redirected to each coordinating video tutorial where you’ll insert the password and view them.

[If you are familiar with my other PDF tutorials, this won't be a surprise as they are mostly all like this.]

For each material, I will also share some of my favorite suppliers to help you in your quest to obtain some of these materials in the future for your own designs.
There are no finished jewelry tutorials in this PDF, but these technique tutorials should give you an idea of how simple they are to use in your own designs! This PDF is full of basic fundamentals to help you use fiber in your designs.  I hope you enjoy them!