Revisited Design

I first started making these beaded chain bracelets back in 2014, and I'm not sure why the design was so short lived. Not only do I love the overall look of this style bracelet but I really enjoy creating them, although somewhat time consuming.

I use linen cording and string each of the glass seed beads and then weave them back and forth through the chain. These three bracelets are each different - one is double stranded, 1 has a bit of a beaded "spine", and the third has a more simple beaded design without the spine.

What makes each of these special is the handmade pewter buttons from my friends at Green Girl Studios. They are a husband and wife team down in North Carolina and they carve each mold by hand and create cast button, pendants, and beads with pewter. Each one is a work of art, and each one is the focal piece of my bracelet design.

These are available in my Etsy shop.