Destash boxes for sale....

These are the ones left after yesterday's attempt at destashing. if you want to claim any of these, leave a comment in this post and let me know your PayPal email and which box you'd like.

Details are:
Payments accepted: PayPal or Credit cards accepted. Contact me to make payment arrangements. Please be sure to check your messages- I will contact you if I don't hear from you first. Please do not bid on a box if you have no intention of paying for the beads. I will need payment for the beads within 24 hours. 
Shipping: Domestic Priority shipping will be charged $6.45
International shipping - First Class, in bubble mailer but depending on weight could be quite high. I will have to weigh the package to get the shipping costs for international shipments. This way I can give an accurate quote.
If you have questions about who made what beads, I can try to help but in some cases these were gifts and I'm not sure of the artists. I will try my best.
Plastic bead bins are NOT included. I will baggie up all the beads and send them in the flat rate box.


  1. If it hasn't sold yet, I would be interested in box 9. My email address is: --Thank you,Denise

  2. Anonymous3/12/2017

    Hello Lorelei,
    I am interested by the num. 3 and 9... How can I pay you if it is possible to order them.
    Thank You

    1. Hi Alys, I hope you can see this comment. I can send you an invoice on PayPal. I just need your PayPal email. I will try to email you....

    2. Alys, #9 has already sold.
      but #3 is still available.

  3. I would like Box 5, please. I'll send my PayPal address via a Facebook message to your jewelry page.



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