Pretty Palettes Reveal- March 2017- Bloom Where You're Planted

The inspiration photo for this month's Pretty Palettes challenge, is a gorgeous photo of Tulips with an earthy mulch background.  If you are interested in playing along in the future, keep your eyes on my blog- I will be participating next month and will show the beads here as soon as I get them. Remember back in the day when I did the Michael's beading blog hop challenge? This is a bit more organized...the idea is the same. If you can get the beads at your local Michael's feel free to play along and tag your pictures on Pinterest or social media and share the photos on the Halcraft FB page!

 The palette consists of a gorgeous leaf green, deep brown, peach, Red, and Orange .... Love colors indeed!

Here is a shot of the beads that Halcraft/ Molly sent to me!   I'm excited to see a wide range of colors and sizes of beads!  I can't wait to show you what I created...... let's get to it!

First up- A multi strand necklace using the Orange Glass Small Mix, and the Wood Rondelles. When I took the small glass beads off the hang tag, they are all pre-strung on thread so to keep things quick and easy, I attached large brass jump rings to each end of the strung beads, and voila! Half my necklace - DONE! For the back, I knotted linen cording through the rondelles so they lie flat. I used a funky ceramic button from Gaea as the clasp with a bit of leather.

In necklace #2, I used a variation of the Green Dyed Quartzite chips, wood rounds, Orange Swirl Czech glass lentils, and the Orange rounds as a symmetrical beaded necklace and pulled in this gorgeous ceramic pendant from one of my favorite Ceramicists- Eri Pottery.
 Half the fun, I must admit, was styling these photos :)

For this 3rd necklace, I wanted to use those large Ceramic Orange print rounds as the main focal. I separated them with the smaller wood rounds... pulled in some seed beads, and for the back of the necklace used the Quartzite chips, and larger wood rounds. The button is a fun filigree flower in a deeper Orange.   I never knew how much I loved Orange til now! 

And finally a bracelet! I kept with the asymmetrical theme, and used the orange rounds, small wood rounds, Large wood rondelles, and Red dyed Quartzite rounds in a fun but funky beading pattern. I used a pewter toggle from Tierra Cast. The Wood flower focal is from deep stash. To add some movement, I tied some of the green quartzite chips to the ends of the linen cording.
Love this one!

I had such a good time with this Pretty Palettes challenge. 
I hope you all join me next month! I will 
definitely be showing the beads here on the blog when they arrive, and you can
get to your local Michael's stores to get yours!

Happy Beading!


  1. I love orange. So orange + Lorelei Eurto designs = yay! Everything you made is great. I look forward to next month!

  2. Just joyous designs! The first necklace and the last bracelet, especially! I have had one of those hanks of small beads in my stash for ages. I been worried about breaking into them. Now I might just try!

  3. These are fabulous!!!!

  4. Orange is one of my favorites, too! Yellow is my other. :) Maybe next month....
    These are all gorgeous, Lorelei! I love the basic (and a few less basic) bead shapes mixed with art beads. They work together perfectly! Did you use a tea towel for the background? The pom pom trim is so fun!
    Thank you for playing along!

    1. The background is actually a Framed teatowel- for pushpins. like a bulletin board of sorts. I got it at a local antique mall. so random, but I love it!

  5. Love them all! I know, orange right, who knew? Your first necklace is so clever with how you used the disk beads and just adding jump rings to those seed bead stands - brilliant as always Lorelei!

  6. I like the ones with the off center flowers as the clasp. And I adore not having to restring seed beads, so that is a brilliant use of those hanks. Orange was my nemesis many years ago until I did a challenge like this and now I look for ways to sneak it in. Lovely collection! Enjoy the day! Erin

  7. I'm enjoying the balance you brought to each piece, especially the third necklace with the seed bead loop on one side matched by the 2 seed bead loops on the other

  8. I am so excited to see you joining the fun with Pretty Palettes! Is there a color you can't create with?? Your designs are always so fun and fresh! My favorite is the one with the orange ceramic rounds!

  9. I love, love, LOVE your orange and green pairings--I'm crazy about orange myself, and while I've paired it with every other shade of the rainbow I'd never have thought to pair it with green! I also love your eye for balance in how you pair such different sizes of beads together. So harmonious!

  10. The first is my favorite! Well done! This colorway would have me stumped!


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