Pretty Palettes April Reveal

Let me remind you the beads that Halcraft sent me to complete the April Pretty Palettes Challenge....

From top to bottom:  

Top: Hematite 2 x 4mm Item # 80315
Amber Dyed shell teardrops Item # 87403
Rhodonite 12mm rounds Item #86559
Reconstituted Turquoise Stone 10mm Item # 87196
Mint Glass 6mm Rounds Item #82672
Acrylic Lentil link Item #87476
Lavender Painted glass 6 x 8mm rondelles Item #84844
Pink Czech glass 6mm Faceted  mix Item #91564

The inspiration this month is this beautiful watercolor inspired print from Heather Powers Art.

Beautiful  colors, a gorgeous flowing floral motif perfect for Spring! Which has finally FINALLY landed in upstate New York, I'm glad to say!

Although we are never out of the woods for snow until Mid May. :)

I sat down with my beads and it didn't take long at all to be inspired! I created a long beaded necklace and popped in a special handmade Bean from Swoon Dimples that reads Grateful. My sentiment - so grateful for Spring!

I used a variety of the beads, paired with some of my own seed beads as filler.  I created an asymmetrical necklace by adding a small section of just the mint green rounds along one section. When worn doubled, it has a pretty cool effect.

This next piece is a bracelet. A double stranded beaded design, with a slight asymmetrical feel that I couldn't really showcase in these photos. One strand was beaded with the Turquoise, and then faceted pink glass, and then the next stranded I started with the pink glass, and ended at the turquoise. And at the center, attached a large jumpring that holds a beautiful pewter Green Girl Studios Button.
The clasp is also handmade on this, from my friend Mary Harding. A ceramic toggle that has the same color palette as the Pretty palettes collection.

And finally a convertible piece! This month they send this Multi strand Link of acrylic lentils. Each end has a large ring, holding all the strands together. Instead of cutting all the strands and unleashing all the beads, I used the link as a way to create a necklace AND a bracelet by using some open ended S hooks I had in stash.

 Here it is as a necklace- where I added some cool box chain around the back. A nice statement necklace that really brings your attention to that gorgeous green!

 When Deconstructed-   I took the 1 S hook off, and the chain off, and left one S hook on one end of the beaded link. And now I have a Bracelet!

I would love to see if any of you participated this month in the Pretty Palettes challenge! Let me know in the comments and leave me a link!


  1. Always so delightfully made and perfectly styled!
    And what you made really complements Heather's beautiful art!
    Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. So pretty, Lorelei! Grateful is my favorite. I really love the light colors and cream in that piece, and the convertible necklace is super fun! Thank you for playing along!

  3. Particularly love the first necklace! The last one is so creative! I have a horrible time with multi-strands and if I tried to make something like this, I'd probably have to tear it apart a dozen times and then there would suddenly be beads flung all over the house and the cats would be happy and I'd be opening the wine.

    Beautifully done!


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