Pretty Palettes May Reveal

 This month's Halcraft Pretty Palettes challenge snuck right up on me! And I just realized that I didn't really have time to photograph the beads when they arrived! So sorry about that!

Blogging has definitely taken a back seat to all the other things I've been doing.

This month, May's beads. Oh My Goodness. Such beautiful emerald greens.

The inspiration for this month is this photo of gorgeous succulents and orange flowers.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to receive all of this month's beads, but only received the greens.

These are the beads I did not end up using ....  NO reason really, other than that I ran out of time and created my challenge pieces very very last minute. As is expected lately with me.  ACK.

The beads we received are:


Here are 3 pieces I have created based on this months inspiration!

This first is a bracelet with copper accents, and some of the 10mm green jasper rounds and one of my recently created Nunn Design Bezels with a clover. I also included a FIND YOUR FIRE polymer barrel by Swoon Dimples on a piece of grey Leather from

I created this sweet firefly which was inspired by a bee clasp in Candie Cooper's book Metalworking for Beaders.  Check it out on Amazon! Instead of soldering my piece, I did a cold connection of a screw rivet instead. I created a link out of it by punch holes in each end.

The clasp is made from a plain ol' copper washer, and I paired it with this copper link-turned-toggle bar.

This was such a fun piece to assemble- and I love all the different elements.

Next up, a more simple design. I used the  Bead Gallery® 7 x 12mm natural shell ovals and just did a long simple necklace using more of that grey leather from and a I beaded in a couple of vintage Boot buttons for a little extra MOP love.

Handmade Jewelry does not have to be always so complicated or over the top.... but sometimes it's hard to really get out of that mind set when creating. For some reason I always feel like- if it's really simple- it won't be interesting enough or flashy enough.

But I love this piece and I could see someone wearing this all summer long. It's a great every day piece!

Here is a close up shot of the boot buttons!

And finally the piece de resistance..... A chunky beaded necklace- asymmetrical of course- with some pops of orange!

The large flower polymer lentil at the left is one I have had in stash for a very long time, from ArtyBecca.  I used the Bead Gallery® green dyed quartzite chips, and the 10mm green jasper rounds with the Hemetite cubes as small spacers between the beads.  

The clasp is made from a hollow Porcelain bead from Round Rabbit Extra with some more metallic leather cording from
The metal turtle button which I found in my stash and I really can't remember where it even came from.... is just so perfect with all these other components.

I hope you've  enjoyed this month's pretty palettes pieces! If you follow the Halcraft blog, feel free to create your own pieces and include your link  on the blog post to share your pieces.

These pieces are now available for sale on my website 


  1. I just love how you paired orange and red with this month's green-themed beads--the color combo is so perfectly bold. I also love all of the mixed media elements--they bring so much pizzazz!

  2. I really love that simple leather necklace!

  3. Lorelei, these are gorgeous! I'm with you; handmade jewelry doesn't always have a lot going on to be wonderful to make and wear. I love the simplicity of your natural shell necklace--and it reminded me how much I love those little cord ends that close over the leather. I have a few of those I need to use in an upcoming project! The little boot buttons are the perfect touch of color.

    I was naturally inclined to spice up the green and neutral palette with orange and warm reds. It's good to see I had nice company! I am in love with the way your art bead focals enhance and brighten the greens in the first and third piece. The turtle toggle is adorable!

    When I think of the number of techniques and materials that go into each of your pieces, especially the ones like the firefly bracelet here, I appreciate them even more. Thank you so much for playing along!

    I'll be out finding inspiration for next month's Pretty Palette tomorrow! I hope you can play along!

  4. I love all the pieces. You are right that handmade doesn't always have to be complicated. That shell and boot button necklace on leather is great!!

  5. I love your creations! How nice is everything!


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