Pretty Palettes June Reveal

June's Pretty Palettes inspiration this month is one of my favorite color combinations ever. It's so bold and eye-catching and draws you in effortlessly! So you can expect my delight when I opened my bead package from Challenge host Molly Schaller! 

The photo where the color inspiration came from is this :

A beautiful shot of some books, and that black and white graphic zippered pouch- WOW! That's gorgeous!

Here are the beads we used in this month's challenge:

And here are my finished pieces using these beads, plus a few from my own bead stash....

What can I say!? I was totally inspired and it was not hard whatsoever to come up with 5 separate designs- so totally effortless!

The first piece, is this Chunky beaded necklace using the Bead Gallery large silver plated saucers - I used them with some deep red seed beads from Allegory Gallery  - along with some coral top drilled briolettes that I had in my stash.  Separating the beads, are the Bead Gallery silver plated spacers. The clasp is an old vintage button. This would be a great piece layered with a small silver chain necklace or worn by itself as a statement piece.

The second piece is a funky double strand bracelet. I used the Bead Gallery cracked agate ovals and the Bead Gallery 6mm white howlite rounds with  brass double strand toggle clasp. I threw in a few more of those bright red coral briolettes to match the Bead Gallery red dyed bamboo coral chips that are wire wrapped on brass head pins at either side of the center Agate coin. Those Bead Gallery silver plated spacers are so versatile!

Another necklace design is this Fun asymmetrical piece that highlights some artist beads from Heather Millican of The main beads are the Bead Gallery red dyed bamboo coral chips but I added a few of the faceted rondelles in the  Bead Gallery aqua painted glass mix

The dotted tubes are some of my African trade beads from my stash. The gorgeous etched beach pebble from my friend D'Arsie Manzella acts as the button clasp. And of course, there are those silver plated spacers again!

This third necklace was created using more of the Bead Gallery aqua painted glass mix  and the Bead Gallery fire crackle agate 14mm lentils and one of the Bead Gallery cracked agate ovals with a few of those  Bead Gallery 6mm white howlite rounds.  I added an etched beach pebble layered with a pewter Disc both from Mamacita Beadworks...

To pull in a bit more of the silver color I used a Nickel buffalo button, and a small pewter charm from Tierra Cast. The button loop is made with some metallic round leather cord from

And finally.... the second bracelet I created- matches the necklace above, perfectly!  THAT AGATE FOCAL BEAD, thought, AMIRIGHT??
So gorgeous, it had to be the main attraction to this piece of jewelry... no ifs ands or buts about it!

I used a bunch of the Bead Gallery 6mm white howlite rounds paired with the smallest rounds from the Bead Gallery aqua painted glass mix and some deep red seed beads from my stash. There are a couple of these plated spacers in there, and there at the clasp is another gorgeous Buffalo button.  This is my favorite out of all of them, UGH, I just love it!

These challenges keep getting more and more fun to do! They remind of those Michael's Blog hop challenges I used to host back in the day, remember those?? 

If you'd like to see what other participants of this challenge created with these Bead Gallery beads, head on over to the Halcraft Blog today and if you yourself created anything with the beads, be sure to enter your link into the linky thing at the bottom of their blog post!

Happy hopping!

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  1. I love this color palette too!! It was so easy to be inspired by it. I love all of these beautiful pieces, but I think the first bracelet is my favorite--those beautiful coral briolettes just sing to me. And you're right--those gorgeous oval agate beads are total show stoppers!

  2. You've totally outdone yourself - I love this wee collection! Gorgeous palette to work with.

  3. Lorelei, I'm so glad you found this palette as fun and easy to work with as I did! I walked into Michaels and bought ALL those crackle agate ovals then went back for more a few days later! I love how you mixed in art beads from your stash, and those nickel buttons are such fun closures! Tiny seed beads are my love and my nemesis, so I especially appreciated the dark red seed beads in the statement necklace. It's interesting to me how if you get the right shade of red it almost becomes a neutral. Whenever I see your Swoondimples pieces it reminds me I should dig mine out and put them to good use!
    Thanks for playing along! I'm getting excited about next month's inspiration & cant wait to share!

  4. Wow you certainly were busy! These are lovely pieces that you made

  5. Your work always has such intriguing combinations and rhythms.


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