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I had been seeing some simpler style Stitch Marker necklaces floating around the internet recently and I thought that maybe I could do something that appealed to a more artistic knitter. Not saying that these don't appeal to artistic people but I just wanted to throw in a few art beads and maybe create something a bit different than what was already being seen out there. You know what I'm saying right??

So this week I started making longer style necklaces, with focal beads at the forefront, situated above a large lobster clasp that would hold all of the stitch markers and some even include a progress keeper if that's more your jam.

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to their favorites markers. And if you are new to the whole knitting terminology - a stitch marker is a small loop or dangling charm that slides onto the knitting needle between stitches to mark a specific technique, stitch, or number of stitches on the needles.
A progress keeper is usually a charm or beaded dangle on a lobster clasp that can be hooked onto your knitted fabric to show how much you've knit since your last session or even to show the right side of the fabric if it's hard to tell.

I have sold a few of these so far, and I have to be honest- I am having such a blast assembling these that I just can't seem to stop! Don't worry- I'm sure I'll get it out of my system and get back to making other necklaces, and bracelets and earrings.... but for today... there are a few more in the works!


  1. Nice necklaces! I never thought that I could use a big lobster clasp as a connector to a necklace!


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