The Jewelry Roll

It's been a while since I've sewn up some jewelry rolls and after a request rolled in a few days ago I figured I would sit down and do a few. The process took a little bit longer this time just because I was learning the steps again... luckily I had some good notes written for the pattern.

I wanted to create a jewelry roll that would better suit a jewelry collection like mine. Chunky beaded jewelry.

I'm sure I've talked about these before on the blog so I won't bore you too much with a lot of commentary.

These twill loops can hold earrings, bracelets or necklaces.... whatever you have!

The Earring trim is situated above smaller pockets for extra protection of your long dangly earrings.  You can use this for French earwires or studs! To prevent from them poking through, attach the earrings back to front and secure them.

The large zippered pocket can hold a variety of things... bracelets, rings, bangles....

Elastic loops pull around the roll to secure it.
In this new version I included 2 loops on the top edge, so that you can hang it on your wall when it's not being used for travel.

Available HERE.


  1. Nice way to put Jewelry as a package & that way is safe as well.

  2. brilliant new design - I have the material - love it.


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