New Jewelry

Almost feels like a foreign concept to me these days, jewelry making. I have been busy working at the quilt shop (this week, 3 days instead of 2) and also have been very busy sewing bags!

But I made it up in to the studio today for a nice little relaxing beading session.
And I figured it was blog worthy.

Remember this Jade Scott pendant... AHHHHhhhhhhh- how I miss her work so much. But I got lucky this month. I was contacted by a dear friend Janet, who offered some of her Jade Scott on destash to me, and I am forever grateful!

I love this one because well.... it has a bird. Let's be honest. I still after 10+ years of jewelry making still love a good bird in a piece of jewelry. I just can't help myself.

And then I revisited this sweet bracelet design from back in the day....
An oldie but goody!

These have already been listed in my webstore if you are interested.


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