New Collaboration

I have teamed up with to feature their beads in tutorials on my blog.... I am doing this in an effort to revitalize my blog. More regular posts is my goal and more tutorials because people love that kind of stuff I think!

They have the most beautiful beads on their website, so if this is your first time hearing of it, go check it out! I was able to pick the beads I wanted to work with for my tutorial. It's almost ready so come back here tomorrow to see what I have come up with using my choices.

Here is a shot of the beads I picked out.

As you might have seen already, there are some little changes happening to my blog layout and design. It's a work in progress, and will be adding things intermittently to make it a bit more cohesive to my current brand - which doesn't just focus on jewelry anymore.

I am also a knitter and hope to add my knitting/crafting podcast to it's own area here. I have been sewing and would like to keep that stuff sort of separate from the jewelry and the knitting.

I have also changed the title to reflect these changes.... Handmade my Lorelei is the name of my podcast and I think it adequately embodies what I'm doing online here. I'm a maker of things. Hopefully this blog will morph back into the inspiring space that it once was!