VIMEO/ PDF Tutorials Important Information ....

In an effort to consolidate the amount of money I am putting out for my jewelry business....  I will be looking into ways to to cut the fat.

One of those will be my Vimeo account- this is where my tutorial videos are held and I am not selling enough of them at this point to make this monthly fee worth it anymore. in fact only 60 views in the past year. That's not very many!

If you have recently bought an online tutorial from my website or Etsy shop, please be sure to download the PDF if you haven't already and watch the videos. They will be accessible for one more week.

I will be deactivating my Vimeo account as of August 12.

I have also deactivated the tutorials on both sites and will not be selling them from this point going forward.

I have the such gratitude to all of you who have supported me with these endeavors, and selling the tutorials has been fulfilling but like I said before-- it's become debilitating to keep up on all the monthly fees that go along with owning a business!