Bead Swap Sign Ups are now open!

 Sign ups are now closed. I have sent out all partner emails today! Please check your email and your spam box if you don't see it in your regular inbox!
Happy Swapping!

The rules are pretty simple:
I'll pair you up with a partner. You and your partner will swap beads. You have the option to have an international partner or not. You will receive each other’s email address and mailing addresses that you will provide in the form below.
Beads should be shipped by 3/5
The beads should be at least a bracelet box full (see example photo above) – this will keep postage reasonable and is still a nice little bundle of beads. However you are the boss of you and if you want to send more, then be my guest. You can send beads, or jewelry components like clasps, and findings. 
You can send art beads, or commercially manufactured beads. They don't have to go together, or match. It's not a bead soup. Just a box o' beads you'd like someone to have, maybe something that isn't getting adequate love in your stash.
If you sign up and don’t get a partner email within a few days please check your spam folder.
To access the sign up form CLICK HERE
The form will expire on Saturday Noon Feb 22


  1. What a wonderful idea! Love to join this! Thank you for the organisation. But one question: Shipping day is 3. May or 5. March?



  2. Hi Lorelei! This exchange sounds like fun!
    I sent you an email, but it occurred to me that it’s been over 3 years since our last convo and you may not have the same email account. I couldn’t find anything here to verify your current contact info. Sorry to leave this message here, but I wanted to confirm whether you received it.

  3. Yay!! Love bead swaps!!

  4. this is so fun... I'd love to join in next time


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