Earring Hustle

I made 8 pair of earrings today. I never make earrings but when I do I make them like this. In bulk, all in one day. Crank them out one by one.  Why do I do it this way? I have no idea.

And I made one necklace. Because this adorable Virginia Miska pendant arrived in the mail today and I could not resist it!


  1. Hi! I stumbled upon your page via a tutorial post on Pinterest. You have beautiful jewelry and a beautiful site and blog. I started reading your blog and the struggles related to the new marketing landscape. I know these are crazy times but you have everything you need to sell and promote on Instagram. That’s where most of your consumers would be. Your work is worth seeing and I think it’s a missed opportunity not to use the platform. (I’m not affiliated with it). Best of luck! Beautiful work.


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