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Dusting off the ol' blog!  

Instead of writing a pages long letter to my new penpal for the first time, I decided to get creative. Today I discovered the free classes on and watched a class given by Heidi Swapp. I was immediately transfixed as she showed how to make this adorable photo flip book using a package of blank greeting cards. I got mine at Hobby Lobby and they were on clearance for $3.24 - a package of The Paper Studio Cards and envelopes (pack of 48 might I add!) it doesn't appear to have a color or style name. It includes lots of natural and wood tones, woven basket, metal and shiplap. I thought it was the perfect natural backdrop for my book pages. 

This post is NOT sponsored by I just discovered it on my own and wanted to share. Figured it would be a good way to jump back into blogging.

I worked on this all day today. It was daunting in the beginning but as I was going I got into a good groove and it did help to plan out my pages beforehand. I just jotted down the key points I wanted to share in my book. I discovered an instagram post that was promoting finding a penpal. I left a comment and met Jenny from Utah. So we decided we would both just jump in and write to each other right away this weekend instead of one of going first.  I am really excited. I have been pen-palling the better part of the Pandemic with my sister, Amy, and Rae. There can never be too many pen pals. It's always fun to get to know a new friend.
I picked basic info to share- what I was interested in as a kid, what I studied in College, when I
met my husband, when we got married, and a short job history and the steps taken
to bring me where I am today and then shared some of my recent interests, and favorite things.

This was really a fun exercise. I hope she enjoys it!

I ended up adding another photo to this layout of Django too. I couldn't just include one cat and not the other!

I don't think Jenny reads my blog so I hope this won't ruin her surprise.... but Jenny if you are here... SURPRISE!



  1. Wonderful job! And what a nice idea to introduce oneself.

  2. Wonderful job! And what a nice idea to introduce oneself.


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