Bead Soup Swap & Create Reveal : Partners Lorelei Eurto and Rochelle Brisson

 Let me remind you what my partner Rochelle sent me again....

Everything was sweetly labeled : here are the labels:

I mean, does she know me, or what?? Copper and Aqua colors: YES PLEASE.  an Owl Pendant!: Yussss!

Crystals, pearls, glass and ceramic- Spot On. She gets me. She really gets me.

And here is what I did with said beads.  TaDaaaaahhhhhh!

This is a necklace.  LOL in case you didn't know.  I used all the pretty beads, the Lampwork bacons, the pendant bead, and crystal  and her included copper toggle clasp. I added in those seed beads to suspend that pretty crystal below Mr. Owl. What a fun piece. And then of Course, I had to make earrings too because hey, Beads were leftover!

I added those copper earwires. 

I always love this challenge. It forces you to make something with the beads in front of you, and sometimes makes you work outside your comfort zone. I mean, not me. this WAS my comfort zone. But I'm just saying challenges like this sometimes can't stump you. I always sit down and think- Ok Do your best to use ALL the beads. I still had a small amount of beads left after the earrings/necklace were completed. But oh well. No biggie. 

Wanna see what Rochelle made with the beads I sent her: Head over there now.

Wanna see what the other participants made with their beads:


Lori Anderson, hostess

Anastasia Urbanski

Andrea Garvens

Ann Snyder Rishell

Bee Kuhlman

Becky Pancake

Birgit Klughardt

Bobbie Rafferty

Bridget Torres

Candida Castleberry

Christina Hickman

Divya N

Donna Hoblit

Dorit Woldenga

Elaine Robitaille

Elisabeth Auld

Ginger Bishop

Heather Canepa

Hope Smitherman

Inge von Roos

Jackie Locantore

Jayne Capps

Jenny Kyrlach

Jennifer Reeb

Jill Bradley

Joan Williams

Jodie Marshall

Joyce Becker

Kate Dufour

Kathleen Breeding

Kathy Lindemer

Katie Nielson-Nunez

Katrina Baslow

Kelly Hosford Patterson

Kim Hutchinson

Lisa Baxa

Lisa Long

Lorelei Eurto

Lucy Clasen

Marianna Wehner

Melissa Trudinger

Monica Dockery

Natalie Ettinger

Natalie Moton

Pamela Traub

Raquel Rosario

Robin Reed

Rochelle Brisson

Sarah Beardslee

Shaiha Williams

Susan Kelly

Terri Gauthier

Terry Jeanette Carter

Valerie Norton


  1. I can see multicultural influences in the piece which makes it very interesting.

  2. Love it! I love how your style is so distinctly you... what a fun and classy set. :)

  3. You did a sparkle-riffic job making that necklace and earrings combo. Sparkle on!

  4. Wowww! Beautiful and unique piece! I’m amazed you were able to use all the beads in one design. Thank you for being an awesome partner!!

  5. What a super fun necklace! I hate to say this, but it almost reminds me of a door-knocker. I love door knockers. The way you hung that crystal from the owl was definitely inspired (and inspiring)!

  6. The way you worked the pendant is terrific! Creative as always! Thank you so much for participating!!

  7. Your designs are always special Lorelei and these are no exception!

  8. Beautiful necklace - you really did right by stunning Mr Owl :-)

  9. Hi Lorelei, Wonderful necklace. Your blog was the first one that I followed way back when I first got my computer so I always check out what you make. You did not disappoint. Good job.


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