I'm hosting a Washi Tape Swap!


I'm excited to announce that I am hosting a new swap! I have been doing a lot of pen palling and paper crafting throughout the Pandemic and have discovered a real obsession with Washi tape. Decorative masking tapes can be added to letters, journal entries, envelopes, or anything that needs a little pop of color or pizazz! They are so fun, and if you are into this stuff, you most likely have a ton of it. Because honestly they are so fun to collect!

I thought it would be fun to swap 1 or 2 Full/ New Rolls of Washi tape with a designated partner. I will be randomly pairing partners up this weekend so you have about 3 days to fill out the sign up form. 

But first let me go over some ground rules.

 If you agree to send 1 or 2 FULL NEW ROLLS of Washi tape to your partner by April 17, 2021, keep reading. If not, buh-bye. Thanks for stopping in.

I will be pairing swap partners up this weekend, so you have until Sunday 4/4/21 to enter the swap. I will be sending an email to the email you provide in the form below. Please be sure to check your email and your SPAM folder so you don't miss your pairing.

I do suggest you contact your partner upon recieving their info so you can rest assured you are both willing and able to participate. If you don't hear from your partner at all, please alert me and I will try to send them a nudge. A new partner may have to be assigned. Please be courteous - if you decide not to participate let me or your partner know ASAP.

You can send any kind of washi, but you are required to send NEW FULL ROLLS, not used rolls. They don't have to be in the original packaging, but I want them to be New.

Please send out your package by Saturday APRIL 17, 2021, no later unless agreed upon by your partner.

If you have any questions, email Lorelei at LJEurto@gmail.com

 If you continue on to fill out the sign up form, you are basically agreeing to do what you say you're going to do. A binding contract, if you will. Don't make me hunt you down. this is supposed to be fun, Mmmmkay?

Here's the link to the FORM ENTRIES ARE NOW  CLOSED

Happy Swapping!