Leave it to the experts!

T and I wanted to try out a new technique. We got together last night and had a little crafting session at my kitchen table. I had gotten my letter stamping kit weeks ago, and we were both itching to use them. Since I couldn't get my hands on any silver blank charms from Fusionbeads they were sold out for weeks, of course NOW they're back in stock.
We decided to try them on clay instead. We researched this process a little bit, found a blurb online about making them look vintaged using paint. But otherwise, we were totally winging it. I think they turned out okay, but nothing compared to the experts. If you want to see how it's really done, you can check out Heather's site. She is selling them on Etsy! Buy them, they are so beautiful! AND- check out Heather's Blog - tell her I sent ya!

The picture of my two, were the only ones out of the 6 that I did, that turned out halfway decent. There is a science to this process. And patience is the first thing one needs. Patience, however, is one thing I lack. :)

[disclaimer: I have no intention of selling these in jewelry designs, but was only trying out the technique]