What's On Your Bead Table?

It was a busy day in my warm studio as the snow floated down from the sky. I was in "Winter Wonderland" inside my head and my beads were telling me to run with it. I was picturing a small blue bird, nestling in it's nest for the winter. And what I had originally thought were pillows of snow, soon became piles of eggs. Which wasn't my intention but I left it as is. The Aqua chalcedony beads, and teal bird and Czech glass squares create a nice back drop for the ceramic Snowflake pendant that I received recently from Gaea. The pendant is a beautiful terra cotta color with a white snowflake, and the white "eggs" play off the white of the snowflake.
It's definitely a whimsical piece but definitely wearable. I even photographed it on so that you could see how cute it can look with just a plain white tunic.

Next up, my mind shifted from snowy thoughts to Mexican Day of the Dead parties. Do you ever dream up a design but it just never works until you draw it out on paper? I typically just lay out my projects before I start putting them together, and still, I only sometimes do this. But sometimes, when the project isn't coming quickly to fruition, a drawing helps!

I wanted bright colors. But new that the Green Girl Studios bronze Skull pendant had to be paired with the right color combination, so that it didn't turn out like a big ol' pile of color mess. you know what I mean, right? It's hard to put it in words. Sometimes too much color can turn sour... can look childish, also.
So I have this pile of beads....

This drawing is still in the beginning stages... But I was thinking that would be cool to have either a plain black cord, or since I don't have any on hand, maybe just a simple double strand of matte glass seed beads, and then clusters of colored beads at the front with the pendant hanging in the center. What do you think??

I worked on a couple of other jewelry pieces today also that I'll be listing later tonight. Here's a sneak peak-

Listed on Etsy:

Listed on 1000 Markets:

Listed on 1000 Markets:and then I leave you with a fun video of Marley: when I gave her the sweet little Organic Catnip mouse that I ordered from Ernst and Thistle- there was serious catnip love going on uninterrupted for like 25 minutes. I shot a small video with my camera. Thought I'd share it, it's cute.


  1. Love the drawing of the "day of the dead" idea. I commented on it in Flikr.
    Any tips on blogging? I'm trying my hand at it and right now the site is really confusing. Maybe it's just like trying to do anything new.

  2. Your cat is hilarious! Everytime I give ours his new scratching pad I put some catnip on it for him. Well, I come back 30 mins. later and there's a HUGE drool spot on the pad. It happens everytime. I guess they're all crazy for that catnip.

  3. OMG! Marley is sooo cute! And your snowflake necklace is so sweet and whimsical! There are so many pendants that I never get a chance to design with so it is such a thrill to see it done and in such a great way!

  4. Hi Christi
    Oh yes, the catnip mouse was sopping wet by the end of this!! Gross.

    Hi Gaea!
    I'm glad you liked the necklace. I liked the color combination. Maybe swarovski crystals instead of the white seeds would have simulated snow a bit better, but I just use what I have on hand.

  5. BTW - I've got some Humblebeads on my table awaiting my attention. See blog for details...

  6. I was in a winter wonderland myself with my beading this weekend. Filling Christmas orders and trying to indulge the ideas in my mind. I ended up with a "birded" necklace...but mine was filled with blues. I will have to post it soon.

  7. love that necklace!!!!


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