Gettin' on a Plane

Wish I could fly

Getting on an airplane is always stressful for me. And this trip to London is going to be hella long. I mean, almost 8 hours long. Luckily I will have some distraction. Bought 2 new games for my Nintendo DS. For those of you who are new to the blog, I am a video game junkie. I love 'em. It runs in my family. I bought Scribblenauts, which looks hilarious. You solve puzzles any way you want by typing in words. For example, there's a little guy, and a tree, and a star is in the top of the tree. You have to use your imagination to get the star. Write Ladder, and a ladder appears, you climb up and get the star. You write Beaver, and a beaver appears, chews the tree trunk, the tree falls, and there is the star, within reach. Well, you get the point.

Sometimes it's the little things that humor me. ;)

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I will try to Vlog while in London, bringing the laptop so I can keep up on my blog reading, and keep you up on what's going on in London. Should be fun, so stay tuned! I won't be shipping any jewelry until I get back, but my shop will stay open. Check out the sale section, I marked a few new things down yesterday afternoon.