-Taking one day at a time. Deep Breaths every 15-20 minutes. 
-Don't forget the sale is still going on, it ends tomorrow.
-We are finally caught up, after being behind by at least 3-4 episodes of Big Brother. Anybody watch it? I could knock that redheaded girl out, she's so annoying.
-3 more days til I get to fly to Atlanta and see Kelley!
-Soooo not looking forward to the all staff meeting today.
- I am totally in love with the necklaces I made last night. They are now in the shop.
- I have major deadlines looming, and I hate working under pressure. I hope I can get it finished. I hope I hope.
- Wondering how I can save up $950 so I can buy this cool work table for my studio.
- Having Tara and her husband, and little Jillian over for dinner tonight. Can't wait to smooch that baby. On the menu- pulled pork sandwiches, slaw, and salt potatoes.
- I really wish Summer wasn't flying by as fast as it is.
- why is Blogger telling me WASN'T isn't spelled right?

what's random with you?


  1. that desk is really nice.
    love both necklaces..but the bottom one is really speaking to me..lovely

    random??? this year almost everything it seems.

  2. I loved that table too for my studio, until I found the one I ended up buying. LOVE Pottery Barn, but they are expensive. Pier 1 has a similar type desk for a lot less, but I know it's also smaller. http://www.pier1.com/Catalog/Furniture/Furniture/tabid/519/CategoryID/153/List/0/catpagesize/25/Level/a/ProductID/4551/ProductName/Larenta-Counter-Height-Desk/Default.aspx

  3. -I wonder about all the weird weather we keep having
    -I think I need to spend more quality time with my kids
    -I loved listening to the rain hitting the roof last night
    -So glad I could fix my van and not have to replace it
    -I better focus on my Bead Trends stuff today
    -I wonder if I could save up enough money to put a door on my studio

  4. ::oh yeah. that desk rocks the house. i always think that i could achieve the same look with two book shelves and slab o' something on the top.
    ::yesterday i got a TRUCK LOAD of furniture delivered. my parents sold their house in florida and so half of what they had available came to my house. it looks like we robbed a furniture store. it is fitting in, but now that means i have to get serious about decorating this new space.
    ::i am in the home stretch for my show. i have 4 more days to get it all done (one more piece of art to interpret - yeah!), photographed, sig tagged, hang tagged, priced and inventoried. due sat.
    ::sat night we are hosting our first major party in our house. how am i going to clean. and will they need to wind their way through the maze of furniture? must get my little 'slave labor' working!
    ::lorelei makes the prettiest things. if i had any spare change it would be coming her way for her awesome sale. i know she will have an awesome time with miss kelley. so good to have such great friends like that.

    enjoy the day!

    (wondering why i am typing all lower case? last night was an all-nighter...i don't know if i can remember how to type correctly anymore!)


  5. Hey,
    I have been a follower of BB since the begining!!We stayed with my in-laws one summer and they were moving so the house was packed up and the TV was gone and we had to watch BB! So we went to KMart and got one to see the show for the week!! Anyhow,...She is a Chemist!
    I am not attached to anyone this season. They sent Monet home 10-0. HOH is Matt and he put up Kathy and ?? Also I think Kathy is the mom of Brittney. I know how you feel, If I miss it I have to wait all day before I find a fellow watcher to get the details from, Sometimes I look it up too. Have a great day.

  6. -I've been enjoying your blog so much ever since I "found" it. :)
    -Don't ask me how I found it...I can't remember. lol!
    -Who invented the hot air popcorn popper? Because that was BRILLIANT!
    -I need to post some new items to Etsy, but I'm dawdling because I don't like the pricing process (too tedious!)
    -I think I'll go make a smoothie.

    :) That was fun!

  7. Love the necklaces!! I have had that work table on my wish list for years....but I have to get out of the basement first huh???

    Keep you head up!! Take care! Enjoy your dinner date tonight!


  8. Damn it! I forgot about your sale when I paid for the lovely bracelet yesterday. How annoying! Loving the project desk, I love dark wood furniture.

  9. OK I drool over that project table all th time!!! I love it - I have decided this one:
    is easier to save for. :)
    Your new jewelry is fabulous as always!!!

  10. Save one of those pulled pork sandwiches for me!

  11. Don't forget to check out your local Craigslist. I find awesome things all the time from Pottery Barn, Ikea, etc. And for a fraction of the price!

  12. - I hope it rains again tomorrow, fits my mood better.
    - Why can I never say no to this b.... that is just nice whenever she needs something from me
    - I hope that lawyer is capable of getting this case solved for us
    - the above sounds like today is venting day
    - I need to drown myself into some pretty hot bath-water
    - maybe a glass of red wine will help
    - if I can't do some beading later today I think I need to spend some serious money on etsy, maybe that will make me feel better.
    - sorry to everybody who reads this, I will be in a better mood another day

  13. Now I want potatoes!
    The top necklace is really cool. It's like a
    symmetrical tease. I don't mean asymmetrical tease. Ha! Nevermind. Random is awesome.
    Today I've been getting lost on the Internet. I started out reading about Margaret Kilgallen. Now I have quite a few browser tabs open like blogs, pet food, litho ink, and IMDB.

  14. I'm especially lovin' that second necklace. It is WAY cool!

    My entire life is completely random - today even more so than usual (deets on the blog).

  15. what are salt potatoes? i love potatoes and i love salt. i. must. have. them.

  16. Lovely work! Have a great trip and a great weekend!!


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