My Friend Nancy

Nancy is my friend. She's super cool, and I love her to death. Not only because she buys cars from me, (she just bought my Mitsubishi).... and not only because she travels all over the world with me, (she's accompanying me to Madrid, and then Paris in 2011)... and not only because when she visits, she brings me goodies.  Nancy's grand opening of her brand new Big Cartel shop is only a few days away. On Monday, she'll be opening  a new store, with a nice selection of new components in limited qualities.  She brought a few of these newbies to me yesterday when she came to pick up the Mitsubishi.

I couldn't get home from work yesterday, fast enough.  Ran up to the studio and was completely inspired by her new work. I put together a few things to show off for today. First up,  a lovely little pair of earrings that feature some new decorative rings. The glaze on these is so cool, it's white with black- goes great with any color but I decided to pair them with Vintaj Brass components and leafy green faceted briolettes.

Next up, a simple copper chain necklace that features some charms, one of which is one of the new "shards" that Nancy glazed up pretty and blue. I love the organic shape of this pendant. I paired it with some deep magenta and labradorite and copper round link chain.

And finally, the mack daddy. It's been awhile since I've created a "statement" piece. I knew when I saw this new Sunflower pendant, I wanted to make a statement. I designed an asymmetrical necklace with large flat teal and khaki stones (jasper, of some sort, I'm sure) that I got at Bead Fest, along with some Mother of Pearl rings, faceted teal quartz rounds, brass spacer rounds, and finished it all off with a nice coordinating sunflower claps from Green Girl Studios.  FAB-U-LoUs!! oh yea!
The little holes at the bottom of the pendant, almost threw me off. I'm not really normally a "lots of little dangles" type of girl but I knew I couldn't just leave them empty so I wire wrapped simple glass rounds in a coordinating color. I love how they add to the pendant, and don't take away from the "statement" it's making.

Tomorrow Joe and I are going to visit Nancy as she's selling at one of her yearly shows- a Music and Arts Festival in Norwich NY.  I'm hoping to pick up a few Christmas gifts, and maybe a pair of earrings- I have my eye on these!  I'll bring my camera to take some pics at the show, and will show them tomorrow evening.
Hope you all have a great weekend!