thursday randoms

* i have discovered a new band, The Xx- they are wonderful- have a listen!

* the coffee is tasting especially good today
* i have asked my husband 4 times to cut pvc pipe leg extenders for my tables, and it's still not done
* speaking of the husband, he's gone to the gym to work out for the last 5 days in a row
* i have not gone to the gym and am feeling quite guilty about it so i think when he goes to the gym, i will start doing yoga in my living room- but not til next week after this craft show is over
* i have discovered a very cool new bead and used it last night in a necklace :)

* tomorrow is the last day to enter for the Traveling bead box giveaway! today i will compile a pile of beads for the international winner. this'll be fun!
* i have to try to remember to send my cousin carey my recipe for Filipino Pork and Noodle Soup. oh, i guess i just could send her this link. ha!
* i plan on doing a post soon about my favorite products. i heart product. soap. lotion. perfume. make up. nail polish.  maybe that won't interest you but i can't talk jewelry every day. even i get bored.

* i am so excited to go to raleigh in 2 weeks!
* i am thinking of buying a new camera but haven't had time to research which one i want. i keep hoping i win a nice dslr from the Pioneer Woman's blog but have not been lucky to date.
* i experimented last night creating another ring and made my own band, but i am pretty sure it will turn a finger green. it looks cute, but i think a green finger is inevitable, considering i didn't coat the brass with anything.

* i can't seem to stop making earrings. i have never had that problem before, they've always been a struggle.
* addicted to rings, and obsessed with trying to make more. i did order these, this morning.


  1. OMG!!!! I love love love XX ... you and I are kindred spirits girl. Wish we lived closer ... than we could get together, drink coffee and listen to XX, Citizen Cope, and many others ....

    Keep your eye on the post man next week!


  2. Oh, have I missed something? How would I do to have a chance to win the international travelling beads.

    I like how you used those beads in the necklace. I have checked them out too, they are appetizing aren't they. But the way you have used them is marvellous.

  3. Have you considered "bed risers" from Bed, Bath & Beyond? @ $10 for a set of 4 and a lot studier than pvc pipe… They have been a constant when I do shows to make the tables higher…

    Earrings - YAY!!!

  4. omg- the band, they look like they're all 13! how can they make such good sounds? Those baby faces!
    Cook necklace, but I LOVE the ring!
    Just coat it w/something. even glue could work, maybe. But, plus, copper turns ya green, brass shouldn't, right?

  5. All I have to say is "nobody ever died from having a green finger"-pretty much the way I look at everything in life anymore! Keep the rings,they're cute!

  6. L
    you just keep making such cool stuff and we'll just keep buying it.
    the rings are gorgeous. you must put more in your shop to stem the stampede.

    the band .. the music is X.. but geez they look sooo young..


  7. Anonymous11/04/2010

    I'd second Brenda's comment ... in fact, was wondering if you might consider a line of thumb rings ... it's probably the only way I'd ever be able to claim having a "green thumb."

  8. Oh yes, thumb rings might be cool. I thought of you the other day when I was at Pier One looking for center pieces for my husband's birthday. They had awesome owl magnets there and they made me think of you. If you have time, check it out.

  9. great post today! There was a lot of stuff that really caught my intrest. The etsy shop you just bought from is lovely! Was surprised though to see a whole bunch of stuff there that i already own, having bought it here in korea. About half the stash there can be bought at this market here in Korea called Dongdaemun. However it lists that she is from Istanbul. Very unusual... wondering if there is a large factory or something?

    Looks like a great site to pick up basic findings with a bit of a twist though!

  10. Thank you for the soup link and I am also MUCHO excited for your trip to Raleigh!!!!!


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