I bought some new tools this week from, they arrived yesterday and I couldn't wait to dive right in when I got home from work. I picked this letter stamp set in a nice lowercase font, and a brass hammer to use with the stamps. I splurged on this set, because I think you get what you pay for. And I mean that in all honesty. I have been there, tried to get by with the cheap stuff and it generally doesn't work out. For me.

The stamps come in this beautiful hinged wooden box. And I love that the stamps have a printed letter on one side so that I know which way the letter is upright. They look really small at first but once I started stamping and darkened them with liver of sulphur, they are really a great size. I wouldn't want them any smaller or bigger. This set is 3mm.

So I started practicing right away. I cut discs of copper 22g sheet with my disc cutters. I had some knowledge beforehand because I just bought Lisa Niven Kelly's book Stamped Metal Jewelry.
But it still took some practice to learn that 3 or more taps of the hammer is too many. 2 is just enough, but they have to be nice and firm.

But then after stamping a bit, I noticed my new brass hammer had divits. I found out that this is fairly normal, since the brass is a softer metal than the stamps are. I get the same effect with a house hold hammer, but I like the weight of the brass hammer. It takes less effort.

Here is an attempt on a Vintaj Brass blank. I need to find my acrylic paints or get some of those cool paint dabbers so I can add some color.

This was my first successful pendant.  Getting the spacing just right, can be a little tricky. After stamping, I added some texture with the ball end of my ball peen hammer. I oxidized the pendant in Liver of Sulphur and then buffed it clean. What a pretty look this creates. I am totally addicted!

A few more! Earring pairs, and a link- all with the same stamping, hammering, oxidizing technique.

The finished product! These sweet bird earrings sold last night! The bracelets are listed in my shop now.

My next goal will be riveting! And I also have some pliers on their way from Beaducation. Better order some more copper sheeting! I have a feeling I am going to be doing a lot of stamping!


  1. Your pieces are lovely! The 'Bloom' piece is my favorite, but those bird earrings are so sweet too!

    I've been wanting to purchase a stamp set after reading Lisa's book, but my budget is shot. I'll have to wait.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I agree it is addicting!! You made some lovely pieces.

  3. Oh Yum! I gotta get me some stamps one of these days - I had bought myself a really nice chasing hammer and one of the kids got to it first and hammered away on my bench block - it looked just like your hammer only I hadn't even gotten to use it! : P

  4. how cool?! I love what you made with your new stamp set and hammer. the font is great. woo hoo for new skills!!!

  5. They look fantastic! I took a class several months ago to learn texturing, stamping and riveting. I even bought supplies to create my own, but haven't done much yet. Your creations have inspired me!

  6. You go girl. Looks like you're havin fun! Great font too!

  7. I love love the earrings and the Bloom bracelet.

    I can't wait to see what more you will make. It's very exiting!

    I also really like that agony picture of you. It's sort of funny! I hear a very very slow motion "Noooooooooooo" being said out loud. ;-)

  8. Anonymous7/08/2011

    Why not add a few of those pieces to your tin snippets shop. That way we can all enjoy them!

  9. Love the stamped pieces Lorelei, they had such charm to your designs!

    Of course the bird earrings are my favorite. :)

    And hey - your blog is looking awesome, it's so pretty and spiffy over here.

  10. I am saving up for my first stamp set. I can't wait to play with metal. I love that you post your journey with new materials and techniques.

    Love the earrings you made. Saw them on Facebook and absolutely swooned.

    Cant wait to see your metal pieces with some color!

  11. ps. you're adorable :P I would have the same expression with dents in my hammer :D

  12. awesome charms and projects! i've never heard of a 'disc cutter' - where did you get it, please?

  13. OOh, i have wanted some of those forever, i may have to treat myself one day. They look lovely!

  14. Fun! I should get out the set I purchased and give them a whap!

  15. I've wanted these for forever, too!! Love the way everything turned out. - Cheers, Kathy

  16. Love the stamping! Isn't it fun? This post makes me want to pull out my stamps and play!

  17. Lorelei I m=have to say you always bring it! Wonderful stampings youve done. Love that pc with the big loops!

  18. Wow. very cool. You are I are on the same wavelength. I bought a new stamping set a few weeks back - not so cheap - but not a nice box like that, a new tumbler, copper sheet, hammers, but have not had the time to get going with it. I'm inspired!


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