a few Monday randoms, & a CHRISTMAS SWAP.

* My new goal is to find Non-Bird related charms and pendants. Clearly this is getting out of control. :)

* Went to the dentist this morning for a cleaning. My teeth have hurt all day.

* I want to do a fun 12 days of Christmas exchange. 12 participants (that includes me) 12 gifts, but we are getting close to December. I wonder if it's too short of notice. Ahhh what the heck. If this is something you want to do, leave a comment and I'll pick 11 people to join me in a Christmas gift swap.

I'll give more details in a separate post.... but be aware before commenting- you will be responsible for sending out 11 gifts to 11 participants, including shipping. Oh, I think it's too late for International participants, so this gift exchange will be US participants only.