Supporting Handmade

My etsy shop is closed today, May 10, 2012. I am supporting and defending GENUINE HANDMADE.
I am concerned when I see Etsy featuring resellers on the front page. I am concerned when I hear that Etsy has closed up a shop because the seller breathed mention of jumping ship. I am concerned when I do a search and see nothing but crap and non-handmade items like furniture and high end jewels.
I have been on Etsy since 2007. Back in the day, it was a beautiful place with nothing but wonderful and talented handmade artisans. It's much different now.
So in a silent protest, I have joined 4200+ shops and have put the shop in vacation mode for 24 hours.  I will not be shopping at Etsy shops today, as well.

If you would like to participate and support handmade, check out the site