Focus On Life: Week Two

Here we are at week two of Sally Russick's Photography challenge, Focus on Life.  It took me a full week to think of my word for 2013. I have thought of many appropriate words such as "independent" as now I'm working for myself, by myself.  Another perfect word would have been "Betterment" since I am concentrating on getting my mind and body back in shape. But then this morning, I walked by this guest room for the 800th time, peeking inside to see the mess that has become my life lately.

This room embodies my mind, my life, my thought process. It's cluttered.  Winter clothes have been pulled out, Summer clothes have been thrown in, along with clothes that don't fit me, seasonal items, clean sheets, bags and bags of items of things to get rid of, and donate to charity. Luckily, I haven't had anyone want to come and stay in quite some time.

This room gets like this a lot. I'm not sure why, or how. I just notice it all of a sudden.  When I left my job I told myself, I'm going to conquer organization. I'm going to clean out that guest room, every closet, my office.  I haven't been able to pull myself away from making jewelry yet to actually tackle this feat. But I hope to. And so, that's my word for 2013.  Organize. Organize my house. My life. My mind. My being.
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